By now, we’re sure you’ve heard us shout “ozone sauna!” from the rooftops – but how exactly does the combination of ozone and heat work to create a detox duo that elevates your well-being?

The Process

While you sit comfortably in the bio-chamber for 30 minutes, your circulatory system is activated by steam which induces sweating, naturally opening the pores. Sweating alone has been known as a most powerful detoxification mechanism for ages, but when combined with ozone, the synergistic effects between perspiration and intake of this unique substance take it to another level. Don’t worry, you have a secure oxygen mask that’s completely safe and proven to ensure you’re not inhaling any harmful gas. 

Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous System

What Exactly is Ozone, Anyway? 

Think of ozone, or 03, as the distinguished, supercharged relative of oxygen. In the environment, it’s naturally created by the sun and is associated with the earth’s environment  – but in our clinical setting, the therapeutic-grade ozone we use is not only safe, but remarkably beneficial in facilitating our intrinsic detoxification capabilities.

With its uniquely powerful oxidizing properties, 03 enters through the skin to directly…

  • fight infections and pathogens
  • detoxify environmental toxins (like heavy metals and synthetic chemicals)
  • kill yeast and mold 
  • eliminate lactic acid buildup 
  • increase metabolism 
  • dissolve plaque and dilate arteries 

 .. to name a few. 

Since ozone is up to 20x more soluble in water, you can absorb is much more effectively when your body is covered in water or, in this case, sweat.


Lightening The Load 

In the modern world, our bodies are under an abundance of stress from many angles. By neutralizing this overload from within, you greatly reduce toxic burden which improves metabolic efficiency and energy production. Lightening the load  from the inside out results in a profound uptake in vitamins and minerals – boosting mental clarity, improving digestion, burning excess sugars, and strengthening immunity which encourages recovery, wards off allergies, effectively prevents disease.

Attention, Athletes

For those who are in athletics and are looking for a way to step up their recovery game, look no further than a quick session in the ozone sauna. Our immune system not only protects us from external stressors, but many of its mechanisms are also responsible for muscle recovery and growth. By increasing blood flow, reducing the lactic acid, and up-regulating your whole system, ozone sauna can help increase muscle mass and promote repair to expedite recovery times. It’s been shown to even going far enough to elevate levels of growth hormone and heat-shock proteins, assisting transport of nutrients and fortifying physical resilience that’s not only essential for athletes but every facet of life.  

Looking to give it a try?

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