Ozone Sauna with EWOT

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) sauna sessions have a physiological effect similar to results from exercise, yet no physical exertion is necessary. EWOT involves sitting comfortably in a sauna while breathing pure oxygen, and results in enhanced performance and energy.

Stronger Immunity, Decreased Stress, Improved Circulation

Increasing your oxygen-uptake and elevating the oxygen-utilization within your tissues serves to boost your metabolism and strengthen your immune system functions.


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What are the health benefits of EWOT?

Health benefits include:

  • Reduction of susceptibility to disease
  • Increase in energy
  • Reduction of hypertension
  • Normalization of low blood pressure
  • Creation of oxygen-rich blood plasma
  • Reduction in edema in capillary cells
  • Better circulation esp. in the extremities
  • Increased strength, endurance and speed
  • Ability to burn 30% higher calories
  • Longer stamina without fatigue
  • Increase of performance reserves
  • Reversing of the aging process (“biologic age” reduced approximately 10 years)
  • Reduction of frequency of angina Pectoris attacks by the support of perfusion of coronary vessels in coronary heart disease
How does it work?

You’ll be seated comfortably in an enclosed chamber, with your head out. The ozone infused steam and hot air will be absorbed by your pores and transferred to your blood and lymph tissues. Treatment is 30 minutes and you can control the time and temperature. 

You can also add an oxygen mask. 


What Our Patients Say

“I love the integrative approach that goes well beyond what is expected from a chiropractor. I know Therapeutic Health will be a part of my preventative wellness regimen for the foreseeable future. Highly recommend!!”

“Once I started seeing Dr. Cara, we focused on gut healing. I cut out foods causing inflammation and added supplements to promote healing. Within about a month of staying strict to my diet and supplement regimen, my skin started clearing up.”

”A good friend of mine referred me to Therapeutic Health. Since working with Dr. Cara, everything has changed! In the past, it was hard for me to lose weight. Never in a million years would I think I would have lost 33lbs.”

“Dr. Cara listens carefully and compassionately to her patients and crafts a treatment plan specifically tailored to them. I have never had a doctor with such brilliant medical skills and knowledge coupled with genuine concern and care.”