Bioidentical Hormones

The goal for healthy aging is to help create a hormonal balance—often replacing depleted or low hormones such as testosterone for aging men and estrogen for aging women.

Customized Solutions for Optimal Health

Our goal to determine the customized hormone optimization therapy to help with things like reducing fatigue, preventing memory loss, promoting heart health, bone production, and growth and repair.


Answering your most asked questions so you can be prepared.

What are bioidentical hormones?

Many hormone substitutes used in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) are synthesized in a lab. Bioidentical hormones are derived from natural sources and are chemically identical to those your body produces.  

What are the benefits of Testosterone?

Low levels in both sexes are associated with reduced bone density, libido, and lean muscle mass. Low levels in men are associated with increased cardiovascular risk.

One of the big myths is that only men need testosterone. Frequently, women need testosterone too. The same signs that are seen in men are also seen in women. Having your testosterone checked as part of any yearly exam is always recommended.

Testosterone helps with:

  • Concentration and memory
  • Sleep
  • Anemia
  • Decreases body fat
  • Increasing lean muscle mass
  • Increased physical or work performance
  • Low bone mineral density
  • Elevated mood
  • Increased sexual desire and function
  • Increased energy, motivation, initiative, and self-confidence
What are the benefits of Estrogen?

This hormone has over 400 functions in the body. Hormone replacement therapy helps with relief of symptoms, prevention of memory loss, heart health, bone production, and growth and repair. Medically, natural estrogen means that it is the same chemical structure that you are born with.

What are the benefits of Progesterone?

This hormone plays a large role in the menstrual cycle for women. It does quite a bit in the body and is needed sometimes before menopause even happens. Progesterone can aid in pregnancy in women who have fertility issues. It is also sometimes used in men as a sleep aid. 


What Our Clients Say

“I love the integrative approach that goes well beyond what is expected from a chiropractor. I know Therapeutic Health will be a part of my preventative wellness regimen for the foreseeable future. Highly recommend!!”

“Once I started seeing Dr. Cara, we focused on gut healing. I cut out foods causing inflammation and added supplements to promote healing. Within about a month of staying strict to my diet and supplement regimen, my skin started clearing up.”

”A good friend of mine referred me to Therapeutic Health. Since working with Dr. Cara, everything has changed! In the past, it was hard for me to lose weight. Never in a million years would I think I would have lost 33lbs.”

“Dr. Cara listens carefully and compassionately to her patients and crafts a treatment plan specifically tailored to them. I have never had a doctor with such brilliant medical skills and knowledge coupled with genuine concern and care.”