Clinical Nutrition

An approach to wellness with powerful information. There is power in what’s at the end of your fork. Food is not just calories. It is code, it’s information. This makes food the most important chemical signal that instructs our body on how to function.

From Test to Table

Once you identify the suspects (food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities) with our advanced, state-of-the-art labs, it’s time to lock up the offenders and begin to heal from within. We want to provide the light that it is possible to find real-food alternatives in a personalized manner from your lab tests.


Answering your most asked questions so you can be prepared.

What is the purpose behind From Test to Table?

To help educate and provide clarity on the ingredients label, ease the transition from lab work and empower you to use your sensitivities and intolerances to your advantage. Health happens in your home. Where you eat, learn, love, teach, and pray. From there, you begin to connect, explore and educate others. A vibrant community.

What is lifestyle medicine?

The lifestyle medicine approach is applied to help lessen and manage most chronic diseases we see today. Exploring Modifiable Lifestyle Factors help connect the dots and look at the patterns of how you prioritize or limit sleep and relaxation, exercise and movement, functional nutrition, stress, and relationships.

What is included in From Test to Table?
  • Diverse, innovative, and personalized recipe book, menu, and shopping
  • Collective care collaboration from practitioner to certified Functional Medicine Health Coach to patient
  • Consistent follow-up appointments, support, and resources
  • Educational-based focus to reading the ingredients label, and the functional medicine and functional nutrition model to wellness
  • Working closely to your individual labs
  • Research across the board for specific food alternatives and recipes
How would this benefit me?

It takes time to differentiate and understand the ingredients, names, compounds, and elements used in the current food system. Names we are unable to pronounce, written in the smallest of fonts. In the food industry, sneaky additives are placed into products, some of which you wouldn’t realize may contain a trigger food you tested positive for in your foods panel.  

What does the process look like?

This patient-focused approach aligns with your ideal health vision and practitioner’s protocol to your personalized path to healing.

The breakdown of appointments:

  • Introduction to From Test to Table (45-60 mins): Discovering the patient (culture, lifestyle, family), gathering information, developing the vision, co-creating an optimal wellness plan
  • Reveal of From Test to Table (45 mins): touring through the plan
  • Follow-up appointments in connection to Dr. Cara’s phases of gut healing
Who can benefit from this?

No matter what dietary lifestyle you, age you are, or culture you’re a part of, the first step to encouraging a healthier lifestyle is suitable for all. This is tailored to you and your family’s culture and lifestyle (athletics, college/school, travel, work). Education and collaboration are powerful tools to be of service to others. Here to help encourage you to use your authentic lens to see the world. 

Who will I be working with?

You will be working with a care-collaborative team of the practitioner and a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach — who holds active, nationally recognized credentials, and may offer information and resources from nationally recognized authorities. It is not within the Functional Medicine Health Coach’s scope of practice to diagnose conditions, prescribe treatments, or provide psychological therapeutic interventions. He or she may provide guidance in areas in which they hold active, nationally recognized credentials, and may offer resources from nationally recognized authorities. 


What Our Patients Say

“I love the integrative approach that goes well beyond what is expected from a chiropractor. I know Therapeutic Health will be a part of my preventative wellness regimen for the foreseeable future. Highly recommend!!”

“Once I started seeing Dr. Cara, we focused on gut healing. I cut out foods causing inflammation and added supplements to promote healing. Within about a month of staying strict to my diet and supplement regimen, my skin started clearing up.”

”A good friend of mine referred me to Therapeutic Health. Since working with Dr. Cara, everything has changed! In the past, it was hard for me to lose weight. Never in a million years would I think I would have lost 33lbs.”

“Dr. Cara listens carefully and compassionately to her patients and crafts a treatment plan specifically tailored to them. I have never had a doctor with such brilliant medical skills and knowledge coupled with genuine concern and care.”