2023 Live Bright Gift Guide

December 13, 2023

1. Advanced Stem Cell Support

Take home the LATEST clinical addition – advanced stem cell support in capsule form! With an elegant touch of air plants to freshen the aroma.

The perfect gift to promote a remarkable health upgrade in convenient capsules. 

Stem cells have the ability to transform and adapt to any tissue that requires repair and renewal for:

• Robust anti-aging effects
• Remarkably quicker recovery from workouts and injury
• Regeneration of brain cells
• Supportive capabilities for the endocrine system, organs, and total-body function

Call, text, or stop in to secure the newest innovation in stem cell therapy. 

Advanced Stem Cell Support

2. TheraSkin Functional Skincare

Love the skin you’re in. Enter our revolutionary new line of treatments, Theraskin – where cutting-edge medicine meets the art of skincare for a harmonious synergy of beauty and well-being. Welcome to our vision of healthcare, where we believe the outside is a reflection of the inside. Turn back the clock on aging, detox from environmental toxins, repair the largest organ of the body, or provide a delightfully delicious facial designed just for the littles. 

GHK-cu facial, Swiss Cellular Therapy facial, Strawberry Rhubarb Children Facial, Total Toxin Detox Facial are the few featured! You can’t find this line of skincare services anywhere else.

Explore our premier Functional Skincare Services and get in with the newest at Therapeutic Health! Call or text to book today! Spaces limited!

Functional Skincare

3. Micronutrient Test w/ complimentary IV Drip

Micronutrients encompass a diverse array of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more – all playing a specific role in the symphony of our physiological functions which require individualized solutions. 

Some common signs of deficiencies:

•Fatigue (sluggish, tired)
•Anxiety (fears, uneasiness)
•Blemishes, acne
•Neurological symptoms (impaired memory, confusion, loss of balance, tremors)
•Digestive abnormalities (constipation, excessive bloating, diarrhea) 

This gift is the perfect duo for a custom creation of an IV nutrient drip specific to your micronutrient needs. 

Receive a complimentary IV nutrition drip when you gift someone special (that includes yourself!) a micronutrient test. 

4. TriadAer Purifier

TriadAer helps to keep your environment pure and free from pesky indoor dust mites and their feces, mold spores, dead skin flakes, construction products, VOCs, or chemicals in cleaning supplies.

Most of us spend a whopping 90% of our time indoors, so why not make that indoor air the best it can be?

Supplying your home with an advanced air purification system is an effortless way to ensure you and your family are resilient against asthma, allergies, colds, flus, and silent, but dangerous mold exposure/ toxicity!

Purchase your TriadAer here (Automatic clinic discount applied at checkout)

TriadAer Purifier

5. Functional Coffee Kit

The kit for anyone who loves coffee! Amplify your coffee experience to ignite cognitive function, reduce mental fatigue and stress, and heighten creativity and focus.

Elevate, energize, and nourish with every sip. Embrace the long-lasting effects without an afternoon crash.

Our kit includes three items that will elevate your morning mug

  • MCT Oil for sustained energy
  • L-Theanine for heightened, relaxed focus
  • Vital Greens Espresso including 25+ servings of organic fruits and vegetables

Purchase online or in the clinic today! Make someone’s Christmas morning a little more special. 


Functional Coffee Kit

6. The "Water Cure"

A gravity-free environment to help bring balance and body’s natural way to internal healing as all the senses are rested. Floating is a way to turn down the noise by depriving the senses for deep physical and mental tranquility. 

Stress in all forms is the ticket to dysfunction. Beyond mechanical aspects, health conditions often result as a downstream effect of chronic psychological stress.

As the connection between physical and mental health becomes more prevalent, setting time for undivided repose is closely associated with emotional wellness.

Clinical evidence-based benefits: 

  • Balancing cortisol levels
  • Fostering the parasympathetic nervous system 
  • Restoring and enriching gut environment
  • Mineral hydration for the cells
  • Provides an avenue for creativity, introspection, and stress reduction

Know someone who’d like to experience pure peace of mind and blissful bodily rejuvenation? Click here to book. 


Float Hinsdale

7. Clinic Membership

 Experience the power of proactive health management through our precision-based services of your choice. Wrap up the gift of an integrative functional wellness routine with our 21st Century Medicine Membership!

Prevention is key, and our clinical membership is not just about addressing present needs; it’s about forging a consistent path to maintain optimal health.

Our membership helps to maintain accountability, encourages consistent health practices that fortify immunity, strengthens vitality, and enhances overall quality of life. 


21st Century Medicine Membership

8. Teen MedPax

Dr. Cara’s custom-designed nutritional formulas created for teens. With the myriad of biological and hormonal transformations taking place in growing bodies, this custom-designed collection is formulated as stepping stone for teens to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Perfect for on-the-go lifestyle where balancing school, sports, spending time with friends, and more is a common routine – MedPax provides convenience to keep up with the development of maturing individuals throughout their busy lives.

Pre-wrapped individual servings of top-tier formulas that include Magensium, Vitamin D3, and more can be easily be thrown in a backpack or gym bag to be taken anywhere.

Sign into your whole scripts account, or create your own account with preferred username and password. 


Teen MedPax

9. CBD Massage w/ 200mg CBD Oil

Our Therapeutic CBD Massage is designed for those seeking a methodical and scientifically-informed approach to offer quick relief from pain and inflammation.

Using organic hemp oil leads to relatively slow and uniform absorption, ensuring your skin remains moisturized and receives hemp oil’s benefit to reduce muscle soreness and joint pain over a longer timeframe.

CBD has natural, potent anti-inflammatory effects and minimizes muscular soreness and joint pain.  It also induces relaxation by alleviating stress and anxiety.

Contact us to book a surprise session or to purchase a gift card for a loved one. For a limited time, CBD massages will also come with a complimentary bottle of 200mg CBD oil to take home!


CBD Massage

10. Ozone Sauna w/ EWOT

Experience physiological effects akin to exercising without the strenuous physical exertion. The heat produced by the sauna coupled with the ozone increases heart rate and allows for a greater calorie burn. 

Ozone is a natural gas that’s been activated and charged with three oxygen atoms. This “supercharged” oxygen gas has the ability to penetrate deep into the cells, delivering tissues and organs with pure oxygen, our most prized gift from nature.

• Oxidize toxins so they can be eliminated through major organs  
• Purify the blood, lymphatic system & cleanse the skin
• Prevent & help reverse degenerative diseases
• Potent anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-parasitic, & anti-bacterial properties
• Enhance blood circulation to help activate a quicker recovery process

Reverse the biological age with this cutting-edge treatment and head into the holidays feeling fresh and resilient!

Click here to book a session


Ozone Sauna w/ EWOT

11. Santa's Pick for the Frequent Flyer

From Santa himself – his little secret to staying resilient during his late-night sleigh ride! A liquid gold packed with all things that assist the the body to fight off the stresses of catching flights, ongoing travels, and hectic deadlines. Santa’s IV nutrient pick before and after his travels is the Immunity 220! 🎅🌟

Explore our Immune IV collection to protect from:

• Nagging cough
• Runny nose, stuffy nose
• Sore throat, strep throat
• Flu-like symptoms
• Fatigue, sluggishness
• Replenish mood, uplift energy
• Ignite cognitive function
• Ward off any current or oncoming infection

Call or text the clinic to fortify the defense line and enrich compromised cells that are vulnerable to oxidative stress.


Nutrient IV Drip

12. Clinic Day Pass

Our day pass makes for the quintessential gift of health – an elegant blend of lasting enhanced wellness with luxurious relaxation to create a genuinely special surprise.

Start off with our therapeutic medical massage for a restorative and personalized approach to individual needs. Afterwards, enter our luxurious IV lounge for an invigorating IV drip to supercharge the cells with an infusion of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. Finally, step into the float studio – an invitation to lift the mind and body to a new level of harmony that can’t be found anywhere else.

We’re excited to have the opportunity to present this day pass for the first holiday season ever and look forward to all who have the pleasure of taking advantage of it! Stop in, text or call the clinic to gift yourself or loved one with the latest at Therapeutic Health that includes a medical massage, IV drip, and float session. 


Clinic Day Pass

If you’d like to give a surprising gift of 21st Century Medicine and optimal health, look no where else! We’re blessed and honored to provide these services and encourage everyone to choose wellness going into the new year.