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IV Therapy

The Immune Balance drip helps boost the immune system to fight off viral, bacterial or fungal injections. This drip is great before or after any travel. An intravenous drip that includes vitamin C, lysine, zinc, B vitamins as well as other nutrients to help the body ward off any current or oncoming infection. Includes a HCl push after the IV. $220

Feeling worn down running a busy life? This IV concoction can help jump-start you into getting more out of your day. Included in this IV is a large dose of vitamin C, B vitamins, zinc, glycyrrhizinate acid (licorice root), and other minerals. This bag is followed by alpha lipoic acid and then a glutathione push. $300

This intravenous therapy has been a staple of IV clinics all around. It was developed by John Myers, M.D. for patients suffering from a myriad of conditions. Today this therapy is useful for things ranging from fatigue, increasing the function of the immune system, reducing seasonal allergies and fibromyalgia, acute muscle spasms, cardiovascular disease, and other conditions. This treatment is a general formula that many find works well to receive monthly. It helps to ensure their body has enough vitamins and minerals coursing through the system to supply vital nutrients throughout the body. This formula includes magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, and B vitamins. $180

When your body has been beaten down and you’re feeling the effects of wear and tear, this IV can help reduce those aches and pains. This IV has a potent reduction of inflammation in the body and has been useful in many overuse injuries. Utilizing this treatment along with the injection protocols available has been found useful at treating degenerative joint conditions, joint injuries and many musculoskeletal problems. This IV has magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, taurine, B vitamins, and other minerals. $210

The body is a well oiled machine that must be maintained. In order to maintain our body at a peak performance. This IV includes l-carnitine, l-agrinine, l-glutamine, magnesium, B-vitamins, vitamin C, zinc, and other minerals. $190

This IV is built off of the Athletic Performance formula. Best utilized for highly trained athletes, this gives participants an edge up in strength, endurance and metal dexterity during competitions. Many have reported hitting new personal records after receiving this IV therapy. In addition to the Athletic Performance formula, NAD+ and other minerals are utilized to help push the body to the next level of competition. $250

Our bodies need vitamin C to survive. A condition called scurvy can occur in extreme cases that involves bleeding, loss of hair and teeth, pain in the joints and swelling, and if severe enough, death.

Luckily, even small amounts of vitamin C from food is enough to prevent scurvy. Unfortunately, supplemental vitamin C orally is usually not enough to achieve optimal health. 

Only a portion of the vitamin C taken orally can be absorbed by our bodies. Typically this amount absorbed is less than 20%. Though, IV vitamin C is 100% bioavailable. This extra boost of vitamin C helps support adrenal glands and boosts energy levels. This drip also helps fight the side effects that plague those who need chemotherapy/radiation. 

High dose vitamin C is effective when stress level is increased, fighting off a viral or bacterial infection, after any damage done to the skin through surgery or feeling the effects of fatigue. It also can help with the fatigue, nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy and radiation. (STARTING AT $125)

After a long night out, the feeling of dehydration can set in leaving headaches, nausea and motion sickness to occur. Using IV therapy to counteract this episode of dehydration is useful. Giving nutrients back that have been depleted after a night out can be a useful way to reduce symptoms associated with a night of splurging. This drip includes magnesium, calcium, B vitamins. A powerful nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and an anti-vomit drug are both optional and included in the cost. $160

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