Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy


Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy / Spinal Manipulation, or “adjustment,” refers to gentle pressure or a high-velocity low-amplitude thrust to help restore function and motion to a joint that has become restricted. 

The manipulation also stimulates the nervous system to help reduce pain and relax local musculature. The noise that can be heard with an adjustment is that of release of nitrogen gas from a joint capsule.

It has been researched and documented that motion is restored following an adjustment but no bones are moved for this to happen. There have been many studies that have proven its effectiveness, safety, and high levels of patient satisfaction. As a result, in 1994 the U.S. Agency for Health Care Policy and Research published this technique as a gold standard for low back pain. Since then more research has been done on neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, infantile colic and rehabilitation, all supporting the role of Chiropractic and its manipulative procedures.

Quantum Neurology

The nervous system is the master regulator and main communicator of the body. When there is a breakdown in this vital communication system you can get any number of symptoms including but not limited to: pain, weakness, tingling, loss of function, loss of motion, headaches, sensation changes, balance issues, memory deficits, aberrant emotions, digestive issues and more. Our bodies are remarkable however, and adapt to the weaknesses that we all have on some level. We may not lose function, but the efficiency at which our bodies perform them can be significantly diminished, requiring more of our vital energy to function. 

While great changes can be made through educated standard chiropractic adjustments, we have come to understand that when this isn’t enough, the nerves themselves need to receive the proper treatment. We have been able to accomplish this with our patients through the application of the techniques taught in Quantum Neurology.

The Healing Capabilities of Light 

Quantum Neurology utilizes the power of a low level red light that oscillates at a very specific frequency. Light therapy has been researched for decades and the development of this specific light and its frequency has given us the power to “amplify” nerve signals which lead to healing. By being able to specifically target nerve weaknesses, we can help direct the body’s natural healing ability to restore proper nerve flow and communication in the body. With this technique we have been able to facilitate healing in patients with neuropathies, paralyzation, loss of senses, concussion symptoms, incontinence issues, muscle weaknesses, headaches and so on. 

By pairing this revolutionizing technique with the other aspects of our formula for wellness, we can support your nervous system fully with the strengthening power of the light, the right nutrition for healing, the proper detoxification of any inflammatory factors and the clearing of emotional inhibitions. 

 When connection is restored to our nervous system, healing can happen and the body can regain its immense power!

We consider Quantum Neurology an invaluable asset in its ability to help us help you.

Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is a manual, non-invasive technique, used to retrieve information from the body. It is much like the typical reflex test of tapping on the tendon of your knee that creates the unconscious knee-jerk response. Like any reflex, it is unrelated to muscle strength and works because of the body’s natural involuntary response to stimulus. Muscle testing was first discovered in the late 60’s by Doctor George Goodheart, and is used as a primary feedback mechanism, that evaluates the structural, chemical, and mental health of the patient. 

We integrate this kind of testing to support all of the work we do, from Quantum Neurology to the NeuroEmotional Technique. We feel that it provides a unique and holistic tool to finding the underlying causes of our patient’s health concerns.